What makes Sentrion MP a "next-generation" messaging security appliance?

The advanced architecture of Sentrion MP is changing the way organizations look at securing and managing their high-volume email communications.

The enterprise-grade scalability and all-in-one architecture of Sentrion MP enables businesses to use a single high-performance appliance to address all of their immediate inbound and outbound messaging requirements, and have a solid platform for future application growth. Organizations no longer need to purchase separate, and costly, specialized single-purpose messaging appliances to:

With Sentrion MP, businesses can address all of these requirements on a single, policy-centric messaging gateway appliance without impacting end users, workflow or network performance.

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What is Gartner's view of in-line policy enforcement?

"It is important for organizations to establish policies and controls that meet their stated business and regulatory risk-profile. High performance in-line policy monitoring and enforcement on all channels, including messaging increases an organizations security posture by reducing or eliminating incidents of accidental or intentional disclosure."

— Eric Ouellet Research Vice President with Gartner

Why Sentrion MP? All-in-one security without performance degradation

To safeguard brand, reputation and competitive edge, companies must begin establishing a messaging risk-profile that is best suited to their specific policies and business environment. A key influence on the success of an effective messaging initiative is the implementation of technology that enables companies to manage bi-directional messaging policies to protect from growing outside threats - and to prevent inadvertent or intentional leakage of confidential information through outbound messaging without degrading message processing performance.

Sentrion’s in-line Message Processing delivers enhanced messaging security without impacting network performance. It provides large enterprises with protection from inbound threats at the messaging gateway, while monitoring and enforcing outbound messages for corporate governance, regulatory compliance, privacy violations, and data leak prevention.

Sentrion MP Specifications

Component Sentrion MP 351 Sentrion MP 352
Height 1U 2U
Hardware Architecture 32/64 bit 32/64 bit
Software Architecture 64 bit 64 bit
CPU 1 2
1x Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X5550, 8MB Cache, 6.4 GT/s, 2.66 GHz, TurboHT 2x Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X5550, 8MB Cache, 6.4 GT/s, 2.66 GHz, TurboHT
DVD Drive Yes Yes
RAM 8GB 1066MHz (2X4GB), Dual Ranked UDIMMs 16GB 1066MHz (2X8GB), Dual Ranked UDIMMs
OS Disks 2 x 146 GB @ 15K rpm SAS - 2.5” Hot Plug 2 x 146 GB @ 15K rpm SAS - 3.5” Hot Plug
Data Disks Share with Operating System 4 x 146 GB @ 15K rpm SAS - 3.5” Hot Plug
RAID RAID 1 (# 0 and 1) RAID 1 and 5 (# 2,3,4,5)
On-board NIC Broadcom 4 port GB Ethernet Broadcom 4 port GB Ethernet
Add-on NIC Intel PRO 1000PT 1GB Duel Port, PCIe-4 Intel PRO 1000PT 1GB Duel Port, PCIe-4
Remote Management iDRAC6 Enterprise iDRAC6 Enterprise
Power Supply High Output Redundant 717W High Output Redundant 717W
Internal USB 4GB 4GB
sentrion mp 302
Sentrion DKIM Signer

Why does my business need to DKIM sign email?

To ensure your messages get through an ISP's authentication check to reach recipients, business must start DKIM signing all of their outbound mail.

All major ISPs are adopting email authentication technology-Sender ID, DomainKeys or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)- These authentication standards are designed to verify that a message from a particular sender is indeed from that sender which helps reduce phishing attacks, spoofing and spam.

These technologies enable ISPs to take actions on incoming e-mail, from throttling to marking e-mail with an "open with caution" notation, to an outright block to protect customers from unwanted or dangerous email from unknown or illegal senders. Although all three standards are reliable, DKIM has an edge over the others.

The emergence of DKIM as an IETF standard and its added protections make it a natural for wide adoption for both the ISPs and corporate enterprises. As the adoption of DKIM accelerates it is extremely important for businesses to begin "digitally signing" their outbound email with DKIM signatures to ensure that their messages are seen as legitimate by ISPs and other corporate enterprises.

With Sentrion DKIM Signer, your business can be up and DKIM signing messages in a matter of hours.

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Sentrion MP Specifications

Component Sentrion DS
Height 1U
Hardware Architecture 32/64 bit
Software Architecture 64 bit
CPU 1 Dual Core Intel® Xeon® 5150, 4MB Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1333MHz FSB
DVD Drive Yes
RAM 8GB 667MHz (2X4GB), Dual Ranked DIMMs
OS Disks 2 x 146 GB @ 15K rpm SAS - 3.5" RAID-1
Data Disks Share with Operating System
RAID Raid 1
NIC IntelPro 1000PT 2-Port
Remote Management DRAC5
Power Supply Redundant Power Supply with Y-Cord
Fiber Channel HBA n/a
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Sentrion DKIM Signer
sentrion mpe
sentrion mpe
sentrion mpe
sentrion mpe
Sentrion Cloud Services view
Sentrion Cloud Services view
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